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Hi, I'm Lia!

Hey there, my name is Lia! I'm 22 and transfem. My pronouns are fae/she.
Trans rights are very important to me and I'm passionate about creating inclusive spaces for everyone!

You can usually find me developing node.js apps with JS and TS or .NET apps with C#. I've worked on a variety of projects in the past, including Twitch bots, Discord bots, websites, APIs, and other backend work.

In my free time, I love to play games, listen to music, and go to festivals. I also stream on Twitch from time to time, so feel free to stop by and say hello!



CIA BGS Activity Monitoring System is an alternative to ED Market Connector and similar programs. It will be able to send data to EDDN, Inara and EDSM. It's main purpose is to track and evaluate BGS activity and provide tooling for squadron leaders to easily create BGS goals/tasks and manage their squadron. Written in C#.

(repo private, WIP)


Arcane is a WIP role-playing game in the style of old-school text-based RPGs. It aims for a high degree of customization with extensive magic and spell systems.
The storyline is fully dependent on player choices!


And many more!

I work on lots of projects, some are big, some are small.
The projects listed here only include my most recent ones.


temporarily offline, please use discord to contact me